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A Weekend Getaway to Göteborg – Vegan food & More

A Weekend Getaway to Göteborg – Vegan food & More

I have a special bond with Sweden, I won’t hide it! It was my home for 5 years and it’s the reason I am still endlessly in love with Scandinavia.  Swedish language is a whole different story. I could travel to Sweden anytime, just to sit there listening to people talking. It makes my heart sing.


I have been to Göteborg on several occasions, but I never had a chance to properly get to know the city.

So, this trip could count as a little nostalgia getaway and also an exploration mission. Vegan scene in Sweden is big, so I was looking forward to having some good food.


If you looked up vegan places in Göteborg online, you would find loads of it. There’s even a blog called with a lot of suggestions of where to find the best vegan eats in the city.

We had only two not full days, so we couldn’t go to every place I wanted, but I really feel I have been eating half of the time I was in Göteborg! But this is normal to me.



There are several busses going from Oslo bus station straight to Göteborg daily. Takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach it. We decided to take one of the earlier rides so that we could enjoy the full Saturday exploring.

Once we arrived, we went straight to the hotel to have an early check-in and leave our bags. We chose Scandic No.25 Hotel because it was near the station and had cheapest rates in the area. It also had a very lovely breakfast buffet with many vegan options for me.

After that, went straight for a fika, it’s a Swedish thing, you guys.


Kafe Höga Nord

Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Göteborg, Sverige


Ok, so I heard they serve sandwiches, but I did not expect this. It’s basically art on the plate. Very delicious art.


It’s a tiny vegetarian café with a lot of sitting options outside (they have heating lamps so you can sit outside during winter too). They serve mainly sandwiches and soups. I had their vegan sandwich and my man went for one of their vegetarian ones plus a cabbage soup. And coffee, of course – it’s fika time!


After a bite we went for a long walk around the city. Haga is one of the musts to pass by in Göteborg. Classic old wooden house area with tiny boutiques and coffee places. It’s even too cute.


We spent couple of hours food shopping too. Because this is what I do when I travel – I like to bring home a lot of new foods to try. And Sweden has so many more options of vegan foods in the grocery stores than Norway! So, for me grocery stores are an attraction in itself.


Once we got hungry, we headed to Brewers Beer Bar for their famous pizzas.

Brewers Beer Bar

Magasinsgatan 3, 411 18 Göteborg, Sverige

This place has a very good vibe and you could straight away see that it is very popular place on a Saturday afternoon!

They are famous for their sourdough pizzas and they have several vegan pizzas on their menu! I was excited! I chose the Vegan Sunshine pizza and, oh boy, it was the best vegan pizza I have eaten so far. It’s true! It had few types of vegan cheese, it had oumph, dehydrated pineapples (Yes, yes, I am the type that loves pineapples on my pizza!) and the crust was a perfection. They also have a great selection of beers with funny names.


After this meal we somehow reached our hotel to get some rest, because shortly we had to meet some friends and…eat some more!



Rosenlundsgatan 8, 411 20 Göteborg, Sverige

I was super excited to go to this place! Sharing food is something special to me, so Market seemed like a perfect place to have a cozy meal with a long-time-not-seen friends! Beautiful restaurant with Asian vibes and an upscale service. Food was delicious – I totally recommend this place! However, I did expect a bit more of the side options. If you order a sharing option with someone else, make sure the side options are vegan too, because I was “lucky” to try eggs in the shared rice.




After a good breakfast we headed out for some more sightseeing. Everything is open on Sundays in Sweden, by the way! Halleluiah! I could do more food shopping!

Palm House

Slussgatan 1, 411 06 Göteborg, Sverige


Not a food place, but a plant place! It is a beautiful tropical green house in the middle of the city.

It’s a must. Specially if you are crazy about plants as much as me.


Löfqvist & Vi

Östra Hamngatan 40, 411 07 Göteborg, Sverige



I couldn’t leave Sweden without having the Swedish meatballs! This was the only restaurant I could find online that serves vegan “meat” balls so we just went for it. It tasted just like the typical meatballs I was used to before! A bit scary, yes, but it’s all vegan! Highly recommend if you are vegan and want to try the traditional Swedish food!

Vegan Potato Cake with Oven Roasted Beets & Mushroom Gravy

Vegan Potato Cake with Oven Roasted Beets & Mushroom Gravy

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