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I made this blog simple and visually incentive so that you could come back and browse for inspiration whenever you need it! 

Spicy Red Rice Noodle Soup with Kimchi & Veggies

Spicy Red Rice Noodle Soup with Kimchi & Veggies

I have had this Asian theme in my kitchen for a while now. I cannot help it. I think I might be addicted.

Both to the taste and to the making process. It’s so easy, quick and …effortless? Or maybe all the practice I had making these dishes for the past year made me turn on an auto pilot mode while preparing Asian food. But I promise, it IS super easy!


Broth is the key to these things. It has to give you this tingling sensation on your tongue and throat. That’s probably also the reason why I love to eat these kinds of soups while I am sick. I don’t make it too spicy though. Or…who am I to define “spicy”? I have seen people cry while eating my food.


This recipe can be followed as it is, but you should just go and check your fridge for whatever veggies you have. The more diverse combo – the better! This recipe is more as a template, so you can make your own adjustments of ingredients. Also, the level of spiciness.

However, please please please, try the water spinach (aka morning glory)! Or if you don’t find it at your towns Asian store, you should use bok choy instead!


Use any noodles you like! At the moment I’m on a mission to try all the types of noodles existing at my Asian store. So far, sweet potato starch noodles are still at the top of my noodle list. You should really try it. But these thin red rice noodles were pretty good too.


Have fun!


Spicy Red Rice Noodle Soup with Kimchi & Veggies



1.       Red rice noodles (4 portions)

2.       A thumb size ginger piece, grated

3.       Half of red chili, chopped

4.       Half of red onion

5.       1 big carrot

6.       Red bell pepper

7.       Handful of brown button mushrooms

8.       Half of zucchini

9.       400 ml of light coconut milk (1 can)

10.   A small can of kimchi

11.   2 Tbsp of red curry paste

12.   Spring onions

13.   Coconut oil for cooking

14.   3 -4 Tbsp of soya sauce

15.   2 -3 Tbsp of vegan fish sauce

16.   Half of a lime

17.   A bunch of water spinach


1.       Cook rice noodles according to the info on the package. Once cooked, rinse and cover with cold water. Prevents from cooking further and doesn’t let rice noodles to stick together.

2.       Chop your veggies. Frying veggies in a wok takes only few minutes, so it’s handy to have everything ready ahead. I like to chop it in different shapes.

3.       Warm up your wok pan with a bit of coconut oil. Once hot add onions, ginger and chili. Fry for a minute.

4.       Then start adding your veggies. First carrots, then bell pepper & zucchini, and lastly mushrooms.

5.       Add few spoons of curry paste and stir well.

6.       Add kimchi and all the juicy goodness that comes with it.

7.       Pour coconut milk and add boiling water. The amount of water depends on how much of the broth you want to have at the end. Broth for me is the most delicious part so I add probably more than a liter of water. (I never measure…)

8.       Once everything is brought to boil add soy sauce and fish sauce. Taste the broth, add pepper and salt if needed.

9.       Add chopped water spinach and the spring onions.

10.   Once spinach has wilted, turn off the heat, squeeze the lime in.

11.   Serve on the red rice noodles in a bowl.

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