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Simple Spicy Jackfruit with Asian Flavours

Simple Spicy Jackfruit with Asian Flavours

Jackfruit is one of the very recent discoveries of mine. Instagram has always been full of jackfruit recipes and it used to make me more and more curious and eager to try it. First time I tried it was in Negombo, Sri Lanka, at Lords Restaurant Complex (highly recommend the place, by the way)! I had a jackfruit curry served in a coconut shell and it fulfilled all my expectations!


After Asia I went on a mission to find young jackfruit in brine in the area I live in and it was surprisingly super simple! My nearest Asian store had it all along, I was just… blind, I guess!! Since then, my fridge is stocked with it ALL THE TIME!

This is the one I buy in Asian stores

This is the one I buy in Asian stores

Ripe jackfruit is insanely delicious, it somewhat reminds me of a tutti-frutti chewing gum we had when we were children! However, to make sourly dishes and “mock” meat dishes, you have to fancy yourself a young jackfruit.


The only trick with young jackfruit is that you must rinse it, rinse it very well. Couple of minutes under a running water usually does the trick. If you skip this step, the dish you make will end up being bitter. I always squeeze the pieces of jackfruit with my fingers directly in a strainer while rinsing it, so you get some 2in1 action and save some water. Once you have your “pulled” jackfruit, you can do whatever you want with it!  I’ll for sure post several jackfruit recipes in a long run, but for now, let’s start with a super simple recipe!


Simple Spicy Jackfruit with Asian Flavours


1 tsp of coconut oil

1 can of young jackfruit in brine (565g with brine)

1 small carrot, cut into thin straws

1 small onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves, grated

1 red chili, chopped

1 thumb sized ginger piece, grated

A handful of white button mushrooms

Couple of baby corns, sliced

1 Tbsp of smoked paprika powder

2 Tbsp of tomato paste

3 Tbsp of hoisin sauce

Spring onion for garnish



1. Drain jackfruit with help of a strainer. While you rinse jackfruit under a running water, press and squeeze jackfruit with your fingers until it loosens up and becomes “pulled”.

2. Heat a non-stick wok pan (or any other bigger pan you have) with a tea spoon of coconut oil.

3. Once heated add onion, ginger, garlic and chili and stir for couple of minutes.

4. Add carrots and cook for a minute before you add jackfruit to the pan.

5. Add paprika powder, mushrooms, tomato paste and hoisin sauce and stir well. Cook for about 7-8 minutes while stirring and don’t forget some salt & pepper!

6. Serve with rice of your choice.  

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